this woman that broke your heart, do you still love her?
- y e s
how am i supposed to trust a man who doesn’t believe in love?
- i  s t i l l  d o .
the next time your lips touch emma swan’s, all of her magic will be taken. everything that makes her special, that makes her powerful, that makes her a threat, will be gone.
- i  w o n ’ t  d o  i t .


Snow White And The Hunstman (2012)

"Lips red as blood, hair black as night, bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White."

I don’t hurt people. I don’t do that. I’m the good brother.

Jen representing the CS fandom in one sentence…again. (x)

Jen representing the CS fandom in one sentence…again. (x)

Anonymous: Mabastian kiss in the dungeon! Maybe in front of Francis because he should be tortured too after ep 13! Don't know how that would realistically happen, but whatever! They kiss one last time before Mary's execution? They kiss after Bash saves Mary's life or because she thought he was dying? Feel like putting Mary & Bash in a John Hughes/80s movie? In Jane Austen Land? Robin Hood AU setting? Pirate!Bash & Rebel!Princess!Mary? Hope you like one of these ideas. If so, thank you very much in advance!


(I went with kiss in the dungeon for this one. Francis didn’t make it in though. Hope that’s okay.)

It’s not the first time Mary’s seen Bash chained up in the dungeon, but she doesn’t think she’ll ever get used to the sight of the manacles holding his wrists at shoulder height and keeping his head immovable.

"Oh, Bash," she breathes, quickly moving towards him. At the sound of her voice, he looks up, wide eyes filled with pain and hope and love at the sight of her.

"You have to understand. It’s Francis…he’s-he’s not himself," Mary says, bending to scoop a cup of water out of the bucket the guard brought in. "He’s convinced that you and I were…"

"I know."

"I fear it’s the same madness that plagued his father," Mary whispers, bringing the tumbler to Bash’s lips. He drinks slowly, though she can tell he’d rather not pace himself.

"It is a shame though," Bash says, after a moment. "I get to suffer the punishment of bedding you without ever getting to participate in the act itself."

Mary’s breath catches. “I wish you wouldn’t say such things.”

Sighing, Bash bows his head. “I say them because I think about them. I say them because they’re true. I say them because I love you and I don’t know how to stop. And maybe it’s incredibly selfish of me, but if Francis has my head tomorrow, I need for you to know them.”

Mary places her hand on his cheek, and he stops talking, turning his face into her palm and pressing a kiss against her skin.

"Just because I don’t say them," Mary says, blinking back tears, "Does not mean that I don’t feel them too. Or that I don’t know that you do."

Hesitantly, she steps forward and kisses him. The chains binding Sebastian creek as he strains against them to get closer to her. She presses against him, wrapping her other arm around his waist. There isn’t really a way for him to physically respond, besides the movement of his lips against hers.

It’s not enough. She wants more. She wants everything. She wants to go back in time so she could have chosen him. She wants his ring on her finger and his constant presence in her bed and in her life instead of just in her heart.

Bash deepens the kiss as best as he can, and Mary wishes that he could touch her. She aches for it, remembering previous kisses with his fingers on her cheeks or his hands on her waist.

A series of loud knocks on the door causes them to break apart.

There are tears running down Mary’s face as she steps away, mouthing I’m sorry as the guard opens the door. She gives him a long look before the door slams shut in front of her and he’s as good as gone.


So basically this week :

  • Killian Jones confessed he loved Emma Swan and swore on her name
  • ABC confirmed that Emma is Hook’s true love
  • Jennifer just confirmed that Emma was in love with Killian



Oh, my sweet summer child…